Good Narrative Principles

Change Takes Time


IMG_2344Change takes time. Love makes the difference. Sybil mutters that phrase to herself while vacuuming, dusting, laying out new hand towels and changing the sheets in preparation for her daughter’s visit with her brood. They come enveloped in an explosion of hellos, big news and then silence. Boredom. The grandchildren patrol the house in search of who knows what? Candy? The computer? Later, they find an animated movie playing locally and there’s a big push for Sybil to accompany them, as if sitting beside the family watching an insipid tale of penguins searching for buried treasure is actually quality time. In anticipation of the mounting pressure, Sybil slices up pineapples and fires up the dehydrator, claiming that she’d love to come but the pineapples need tending and with that she buys a few hours of alone time.

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