Good Narrative Principles



IMG_2584I don’t know about you, but I find my QT suffers from huge gaps in logic. Like, the other day, I said clearly to him… (Hang on, do you call your QT “him”, “her” or “it”? I call mine “him” cuz I chose a rugged male voice. Guess it makes me feel less lonely)…anyway I asked him as calm as pavement to take out the garbage. I even handed him the leaking bag. Instead of bringing it to the ethanolator, he drops the bag out the window where it promptly busts on impact sending my personal debris spewing all over the courtyard. Later, at the Kickstarter party I hosted (yes, it my professional avocation in case you’re wondering) QT sits down beside my prime target. Let’s call her Dr. X (that’ll get tongues wagging) and starts chatting as if a meeting of minds between a Human Assisted Technician and a brilliant mathematician is an everyday occurrence. I promptly sent him back into the kitchen to heat up the hors d’oeuvres. Wouldn’t you know, thirty minutes later still no sign of the appetizers. My guests are growing more sloppy drunk by the moment so, I head into the kitchen only to find my QT chatting online with my GPS. Later than night, I hacked into their account and read their numerous and detailed complaints about me, their owner.

(Sculpture by: Tim Duch)

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