Good Narrative Principles

Blaze of Glory


IMG_2652Bruno, always the outsider, isn’t what you’d call “client friendly”. That was never a problem back when he was younger, more compliant and willing to act on the client’s notes. You could call it feedback, but, in Bruno’s line of work, which is sound mixing, feedback refers to an endless loop of sound culminating in a screech. Come to think of it, the phenomenon of feedback perfectly captures Bruno’s current attitude towards what his producer now labels as “thoughtful responses”. Something has shifted in him in the past few years. When Bruno creates what, in his mind, is the perfect sound mix, he hangs onto it for a day or two, despite the fact that the track is ready to ship out. In this way, everything becomes mission critical and the list of changes shrinks to a handful of tweaks. Recognizing that it’s time for a change, Bruno decides he wants to end his career in a flame of glory. Embedding a second track in what should be an elegant and moving video about freedom and flight featuring soaring birds against an azure blue sky, he sends specific instructions to the audio guy at the event. The lights dim. The video plays. Just as a flock of doves crest the horizon in the closing moments of the video, an unmistakable HONK HONK breaks the mood, inspiring not hushed reverence, but rather, waves of laughter and fits of giggles.

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