Good Narrative Principles

Day Is Fine From Yonder Heights


IMG_2244Marie gave her husband Scott a brand new iPhone 5 for Christmas. He didn’t want the phone. Didn’t feel he needed something that souped up, when he barely left the house, save to go to the concert hall on Sunday afternoons to listen to the free rehearsal before the evening’s performance. It was one of Scott’s great pleasures in life, whereas mastering a new tech toy was about as low on the list as you can get. During the afternoon concert, a friendly Page (do they still use the term Page?) slipped him a free ticket to the evening’s performance. Thrilled, Scott went home to change, left a note for Marie and headed back. A sweet flavor of silence settled over the room as the crystal chandeliers lifted upwards and a darkness enveloped them. The first three movements were perfect. Transporting. But in the fourth movement around the “day is fine from yonder heights” passage in Mahler’s Ninth, his phone, set to a standard xylophone ring, sang out, destroying the moment and causing Scott numerous sleepless nights. Before the fourth ring, Scott, not knowing how to mute his phone, slipped away.

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