Good Narrative Principles



IMG_2466On some days the radio can very well save your life. It happened to Sheena on a Wednesday during that startlingly quiet week between Christmas and New Years when it seemed that everyone was heading off to a wonderfully festive and intimate get together. Without the distraction of work, and new to this city that was supposed to be pumping on the sheer energy of coffee houses, Sheena was left with nothing more than take out dinners and the odd TV show or two to distract her in that cold and empty house. It was too big. She knew that when the search committee eager to whisk her away to the West Coast offered her additional perks that held little attraction. A four-bedroom home they gushed, with an Olympic sized swimming pool. Can’t find that on the East Coast, now can you? She’d feel like a fool if she turned them down and so she said yes. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! She yelled to the four walls, as she knocked aimlessly around this foreign home that offered little comfort to her. A voice on the radio asked “Do you believe in nagels, that is angels that live among us”? Cresting the ridge to her cold and lonely home, Sheena stopped. Kept the radio going as she listened to stories from strangers calling in, sharing their uncanny moments of grace in the midst of a life that sounded much like her own.

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