Good Narrative Principles



IMG_2546Don’t get me wrong, I love Peter’s eyebrows. His YOLO spirit is an inspiration to me. Peter is one of those people who’s still reveling in the freedom of being on his own even though he’s entering his fifth decade. The sheer joy of not living under his parents’ thumb propels him forward.

Last time I was with him he brought a ’65 Bentley off a lot in nowhere Brooklyn because it came with an original eight-track tape player. Mind you, he doesn’t own any eight-track tapes, but he likes that it’s there below the dashboard. When I probe, trying to get to the bottom of his attraction to this obsolete technology, he shakes his head slowly and tells me that I’m asking the wrong question. This could be irritating in a Yoda kind of way, but he’s damn charming, so completely himself, that I let it go. I always do. He told me once that when he was a kid attending the Most Precious Blood School he used to plot his escape, a habitual mindset that he’ll never lose. Knowing him as I do, I’m reminded of the challenge of living your life as you please. A worthy goal on the cusp of a New Year, wouldn’t you say?

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