Good Narrative Principles

Speed Dating


IMG_2075DB5 attended his first speed-dating event reluctantly. His Buddy, tired of hearing him complain about falling in love only to discover that he and the desired other were related, dragged him to the local Mating Center on a Wednesday night. Wednesdays are the best, his Buddy explained on the way over. The desperados and dogs all show up on Friday nights as if only when forced to admit that they are still unattached do they take action. Wednesday nights, on the other hand are low stress. “As low as stressful situation could be”, DB5 muttered quietly to no one in particular. His hands felt like ice. He worried about being able to warm the tip of his fingers sufficiently to draw the drop of blood required for admission. But once he did, they had his information forever. Now when he sees a potential partner across the room, playing table tennis or blissed out in the VR room, DB5 simply points and scans. In a heartbeat, he finds out whether or not they’re related. With one less hefty calculation to juggle, DB5 is certain that “happily ever after” is finally within his grasp. Now, all he has to deal with is taming his prickly critical nature and his tendency to break out in hives whenever the possibility of love rounds the bend.

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