Good Narrative Principles



Rather than head to the mall like the rest of America on Black Friday, Shana had her hair done. In this way, she could comb all the women’s magazines for tips on what to do with the abundant leftovers spilling from her refrigerator and clogging up her freezer. Turkey soup was a given. But how to follow that up with other dishes that were sufficiently inventive and appealing, to lure her family to the dinner table and not hit the pizza delivery on speed dial was a challenge. One to which Shana didn’t feel equal. The gathering itself was a blur of half-completed conversations, crazed explosions of laughter spilling from the crowded TV room and endless stacks of greasy dishes. In the calm of the weekend, in that space between one holiday and the next, Shana would like nothing more than to curl up with a fine weepy film, making sure that her super fine blow out wasn’t flattened by a day lying on the couch, remote in hand. But who was she kidding? First she had to figure out how to perfect a turkey soufflé.

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