Good Narrative Principles

Gratitude: Use it in a Sentence


Comparative Gratitude: After the free concert, the Jazz Quartet playing for a crowd made homeless by Sandy, felt grateful that their apartments where still relatively intact.

Dodge a Bullet Gratitude: Hydroplaning across i90 in the middle of a rainstorm, Ethel was grateful when her brakes finally caught in what seemed like half a second before her car would have catapulted over the guardrail.

In the Moment Gratitude: Joshua, unable to accept the fact that for the rest of his life he’d be waking up at precisely 6:30 five days a week, nearly wept with relief when the milk didn’t curdle as he poured it into his morning coffee.

Slow Arc Gratitude:  Ten fingers. Ten toes.

Lucky Feeling Gratitude: Plucked from a long line of cute thirteen year olds waiting all morning to meet their heart throb, Donna and her BFF Emily, overcome by their good fortune, clutched hands and screamed for a solid thirty seconds.

Planet Earth Gratitude:  All around them, the yellow woods shed her leaves. The leaves fell almost silently, whirling on the way down.

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