Good Narrative Principles

Wife One, Wife Two


My first marriage was quiet. My second was not. Now I’m back to quiet again and I kinda like it just like that. Every dirty dish that sits in the sink is my dirty dish. When laundry doesn’t get done, it’s on me. When the fuel hovers near E, it’s never a surprise. Say I feel like switching from channel to channel like a lion on the prowl, it’s not a problem. If I’m tired at seven pm, I go to sleep and let the machine pick up. I’ve put in my years of excitement and gourmet meals. Now I just want to kick back at the end of the day and plan for my retirement. To be perfectly honest, there isn’t a whole lot of planning going on. But I’m not worried. Things have a way of working out. And if they don’t, I’ll learn to live with less. So long as the Sox are in the playoffs, I’m good.

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