Good Narrative Principles

Graduating Class


Two young brash aspiring Reporters graduate from Journalism School in the same year. Reporter A is hired by his best buddy to teach Intro to Video Production at the local Community College. Summer weekends he climbs the Gunks. In the winter, he works the climbing wall and prides himself on his physical daring. He loves summiting a peak. With the world below him he feels as if he’s defied nature. Reporter B moves to Iowa so that she can intern weekends at a local TV station. She has her eye on the Iowa Caucus and hopes that she can demonstrate her worth in that sliver of time when Americans focus on the Hawkeye State. Fortune smiles on both Reporters. Reporter A is tapped for the weekend freelance “live from the field” light/human interest slot. Though he itches to do more, he keeps plugging away. When the mega storm hits, Reporter A volunteers to cover the story, thinking that it’ll be fun and exciting, not unlike tangoing on top of the summit. Reporter B is now in fact a Correspondent. On election night, with all the world watching, she rattles off statistics about the percent of college grads in say Polk vs. Pottawattamie with the ease of a speed skater. I’m happy to report that both have found their sweet spot.

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