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Sandy Stories: Day Two Without Power


We woke up to quiet. Improvised breakfast cause we still had gas.Took the dog for a walk in the woods and hiked around bramble and broken trees. Just out of curiosity, we headed up the slope towards the homes cresting the top of the hill. Four homes with trees crashed through their roofs. The Insurance Adjustor and the Contractor huddle with the Homeowner who amazingly enough is able to form sentences and tell us her story. She moved her husband’s car from the driveway to the front of the house where it was perfectly positioned to receive the full brunt of the falling oak. She laughs and moves on.

Some people say that a crisis brings out the best in people or the worst. I’m always impressed when people behave like adults and know how to move forward.

It rains on and off all day. We cook the rest of our food. Barbecuing steak, chicken, meatloaf. What do we eat first before it all goes bad? The holiday spirit starts to ebb and we find ourselves ravenously hungry for the news as my iPhone battery dies and evening falls.

There is a fire drill over a scheduled conference call. Not until it’s discovered that the phone lines are dead does the call get rescheduled.

We head to a friend’s home for dinner, soak up the love and drink too much wine.

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