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Sandy Stories: Day Three Without Power


One has to wonder if this is simply a case of tunnel vision as seen from the perspective of the East Coast post crazy ass Hurricane Sandy (and who chose the name Sandy, one wonders, a name without a hint of menace?) or if this is actually the beginning of the long slide towards 12/12/12 where life as we know it will end and this ending, which formerly was pictured as a pop, a bang, a distinctive event (come on, admit that this was always the way you imagined it) might be in fact a long sputtering close that began the day the storm barreled up the Eastern Seaboard taking with it our power (not metaphorically, you understand but rather the plug in variety), that favorite beech tree and peace of mind. Hard to say.

Had an amazing dinner at a friend’s home with power and were cast among two other couples both of whom are now homeless. One family’s home is condemned. They’re living at a local motel nearby, trying to plan out the next year which now looks very different than it did a week before.

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