Good Narrative Principles

Witch Takedown


Me and the Mrs. love Halloween. Always have. Even though our kids are long gone and now have kids of their own, we’re the first to hang the scary witches from the holly tree and plant the creepy R.I.P. tombstones in the lawn. It’s a point of pride; a great way to announce that we’re gun-ho candy dispensers. I call it a good bargain; a Snickers Bar in exchange for a cheap laugh and a handshake. Sometimes it’s the only way we have to meet the new kids on the block. Used to be, whenever school let out, the street would be thick with youngsters. But now they’re busy killing aliens and intruders in front of the computer. I know it’s all pretend, but still I miss the days when knowing their names and something specific about them was the norm. Today the storm is blowing so hard that the Mrs. has me climbing up in the trees removing the witches and goblins so that they don’t get destroyed in the storm. It won’t be the first time Halloween is postponed. The problem is. we’ll have candy leftovers. For sure. my new Doctor, the one who barely knows my name, will give me hell for that.

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