Good Narrative Principles

Cookin’ n’ Freezin’


Katie has been cooking and freezing all week with an idea that if she is diligent about her time she can somehow kick back and relax the way she imagines life in the suburbs would be. She makes lasagna, meatloaf and Apple Brown Betty on Monday. Tuesday she cooks up the heavy proteins with a touch of spice to offset the peculiar texture of thawed meat and fish. On Wednesday the hammock beckons. But Katie sticks with her schedule, hoping that by Thursday she will be in the clear meal-wise at least for a week or so. On Thursday it rains and her new neighbor, the president of the PTA comes by for tea. This visit is semi-tragic on two fronts. First Katie has to dip into her frozen dessert reserves. And then she feels obliged to chair the Safety and Wellness Committee, the subject of which leaves her basically cold and does little to alleviate her sense of dislocation.

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