Good Narrative Principles

Fingers Like Wings


My mama thinks my nails are ridiculous. But watching my fingertips cut through the air is a secret thrill. They make me feel special. It’s like I’m shouting — see those checkerboard fingernails with the little flowers painted on them? That’s me! I painted the flowers. Last week it was stars and stripes in honor of Labor Day. I use a very small bush that I got at the art supply store across town. Trust me, I have never been to that store before except back in six grades when I was addicted to those glittery markers. In the course of my very boring day at work, I get a kick from the special gestures I use to pick up the phone or type.  I create little wings with each hand so that my nails tip upwards. The bosses, they all roll their eyes. Go on, ask me if I care,

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