Good Narrative Principles

Coming Attractions


When Rebecca was little she realized that not everyone sees the future in their dreams. When she referred to it casually as a child, her mother would take her aside and advise her to keep this special ability a secret. As she grew older, Rebecca came to realize her gifts were confined to seeing only minor moments in her day, like waiting in line, or pouring ketchup on her fries. However, for the big moments; the day the quarterback asked her to be his date for the prom, or for the outcome of the important job interview, she was as lost and clueless as the next guy. Reflecting back on her life, Rebecca believed that having her visions confined to the ordinary and mundane was hardly a gift. It was more like a punch line to a bad joke. Nonetheless, the reality of digging into a red velvet cupcake compared to her dream was pretty similar. And that had its benefits.

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