Good Narrative Principles

Appalling Mall


Rumor has it that they are planning on opening a mall in my town. Outrageous. What use have I for a mall? I call in my groceries and two hours later they are delivered. The order is complete. The fruits and vegetables are fresh. I never find bugs in my rice. Occasionally, the shopkeeper throws in a special treat like sweet mangoes when they are in season as he knows I love mangoes. I have often spoke of my childhood in the valley and my daily walk to school where mangoes trees lined the roads and the fruit fell into my hand without much coaxing. He remembers these stories. He knows I dislike tilapia. You can change the name, call it something new but it’s still catfish. Will I find such service at the mall? I doubt it. I pay my bills when it suits me. It might be that night, the end of the week, or month. But the shopkeeper, I really should know his name by now, never harasses me. He knows I’m not going anywhere.

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