Good Narrative Principles

I Brake for Animals


I’m one of the good guys. I brake for animals. I buy cookies from the Girl Scouts. I volunteer to clean up the parkway every spring on a weekend that is too perfect to be picking up stray garbage. My wife and kids however delight in taking me down a few pegs. They think of me as a power hungry drunk, though they would never say that straight to my face. There was for instance the other night when I came home four sheets to the wind after wining and dining a clutch of “very important” c-level execs who could push through my consumer protection plan with a wink and a nod. If I could have convinced them over drinks at this elite spot high above the city that together we could do good, move the needle in the right direction, doesn’t that balance out my bad boy aura? Don’t the ends justify the means? Think about all those millions of consumers who we would protect thanks to my late night carousing.  Come on, cut me a break.

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