Good Narrative Principles

Tom The Tailor (Please Vote)


On the night before Christmas Eve, a night without a specific name but none the less infused with holiday cheer, Mr. X., a man who seemingly had it all, was found dead in the back room of Tom the Tailor’s shop. The suspects are as follows:

  • Mr. X’s Nameless Business Partners: Greedy, lacking a morale compass, the Business Partners, in harmony with Mr. X, have embraced a “dog eat dog” corporate culture. Lately, Mr. X has been playing fast and lose with his deals. The firm’s lawyers have alerted the other Partners to the negative exposure Mr. X is generating for the firm.
  • Marie/Alias Marilyn, The Blonde Assistant: Ordinarily reconciling the books at the end of the year is a fairly straightforward task. However, this year, Marie is stuck at the office until late at night, baffled because the numbers simply won’t square. Though she enjoys the daily morning coffee Mr. X delivers with a sweet smile, her weekly “date” and dinner with her boss isn’t enough to buy her silence.
  • Tom the Tailor: Suffering from severe PTSD, lately, Tom’s busy finger therapy as a way of calming his rage, is failing him. Overworked, it’s possible that the crush of deadlines and disappointed customers has taken its toll.
  • Edgar, the Stray Dog (formerly Charlie): Tom, in an attempt to calm his rocky emotional state, adopts Edgar. For a while Edgar, happy to have a home, behaves. Lately, he’s become more “protective” lashing out at customers. Who knows what vicious habits a stray dog is forced to adopt on the mean streets of the suburbs during a long and icy cold winter?
  • Charlotte, the Wife: Because the wife is always a suspect.

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