Good Narrative Principles

Tom the Tailor (Part One)


It had snowed heavily that day so there were numerous surfaces to reflect the bazillion of lights twinkling, flashing and simply glowing on that night right before the serious holiday season commenced. Tom had been up the night before in a last ditch effort to finish the seemingly endless list of custom suits and alterations he had promised his most loyal customers. Generous to a fault, Tom extended the designation “loyal customer” to anyone who opened the front door causing the sweet bell perched above the hinge to ring out. It was well past eight pm when Tom flipped the sign in his shop from open to closed and was just about to leave when Mr. X walked in and without apologizing for the late hour ordered three bespoke suits in fine Italian wool. Fitting Mr. X took yet more time, but Tom remained level headed, trying his best to keep the lively patter going in between each fitting. Alone finally, or so he thought at ten pm, Tom lay his head on a comfy bolt of gray wool and fell asleep. When he awoke at two am he saw pools of blood catching the reflection of the Christmas lights still blinking despite the late hour.

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