Good Narrative Principles

Power of Perspective


So here’s an interesting thing. Joshua, who has been working at the same law firm for thirty years now, believes that he is an ethical man. Moral. He embraces the law. Without it, civilization would crumble to its knees and chaos would reign. He has raised his three boys to respect not only the law but the spirit behind it. When colleagues have asked him to bend the rules slightly to accommodate a client suffering through a cycle of misfortune, Joshua sighs knowing full well that his morale code will only increase the client’s misery. Last week, his son asked him to co-sign an application for a mortgage on a property that doesn’t exist. His son assured him that there was no risk involved; it was merely a way to secure money given the tight restraints on credit. It seemed like a reasonable request. After all, Joshua’s son and his family are now camped out in the basement. And Joshua loves his son. Having great faith in his son’s honesty and good intentions, he signed on the dotted line. Tonight however he sees his actions in a new light and understands for the first time the powerful sway of context and perspective.

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