Good Narrative Principles

Stare Decisis


Sophia did many things well. She could program in HTML, change the oil in her Barcelona Red Prius in under thirty minutes, and then recite One Fish Two Fish while giving her twin daughters, Stacy and Suzan a bath. But the one thing Sophia did not do well was accept the inevitability of change. Change of any sort. She was all for, as Justice Scalia called, Stare Decisis, legal precedent. Respecting what had gone before. Upholding tradition. While it might seem counterintuitive to others, Sophia firmly believed the world moved forward and stayed sane by resisting change. When Darren came home last week and asked for a divorce, Sophia went into shut down mode. She changed the locks. Wouldn’t answer the phone. The family ordered in dinner every night and lived off the leftovers. Determined to maintain an even keel, Sophia wrote the name and address of each of her daughters on their right arms before they boarded the boat for the Statue of Liberty. She told the girls it was a silly game. But every time a wave washed overboard and marred a letter or a number, Sophia inked it in again.

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