Good Narrative Principles


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When two people disagree it can be called a fight, an argument. In rare circumstances it can escalate into mortal combat, which has been a mainstay of drama since people first gathered around a campfire to listen and be amazed. But when groups of people hold conflicting opinions, the starting point is generally a . The word brings to mind a cinnamon-laced, German apple cake, but actually depicts the consequences of substituting baking soda for flour. Pop it in a hot oven and the cake explodes. This pretty much describes what happened following a self-satisfied post in the town blog. The writer of the blog was congratulating the group of dog owners, of which he was a member, who met early each Saturday morning in the field behind the High School, and before departing always, always picked up after their dogs. Leaving the field as he put “clean and pristine”.  What followed was a torrent of responses. Some shared their childhood memories of life with Fluffy, whereas others, particularly those on the facility of the High School, complained about students leaving trails of dog shit in the hallways when returning from lunch. The cranks and neighbors joined in the chorus of pro and anti dog sentiments. The issue never quite reached the scale of public debate leading to a new town ruling, but the simmering controversy helped to generate lively discussion at various cocktail parties deep into the fall. (Photo: Tim Duch)

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