Good Narrative Principles



There is no such thing as sleep. It’s go, go, GO. From the moment I started, from the second I burst onto the scene, I’ve been growing, expanding, reaching further towards the sun. Grabbing every ounce of energy that comes my way so that I can plow through the field, make my mark and spread my seed. There is no mañana, baby. It’s all about now. This moment. Gaining the home team advantage so that my seed, my future, the future of US is secured. See the pretty flowers, the alluring scents that attract the bees and the people? That’s a typical strategy designed for the weak, who must be coddled in order to thrive. For me it’s about real estate. How fast can I grow? How good is my disguise in the early stages, those critical early stages while the people who come to pet the prettiness are overcome by the beauty of it all.  Look closely and there I am.  Inching along the bottom. Below the thicket of flowers and herbs and vegetables. I don’t discriminate.  I was there before the Egyptians flooded the Nile and I’ll be there after nanotubes cure the common cold.

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