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Well Conceived

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Mike and Sheila are what you’d call a real estate couple. Where others see leaky faucets, roofs and moldy basements they see “good bones”, “a well-conceived footprint” and the potential of “curb appeal”. They don’t exactly flip homes. You flip pancakes, Sheila likes to remind her friends. Homes take longer. They take thought, care and lots of sweat to undo the years of neglect and poor choices, At get togethers with friends, Mike steers the conversation away from home making in the broadest sense of the word. Once he’s put down his nail-gun and jig saw for the day, Mike is done. Sheila however loves talking about their latest project and half-jokingly suggests that the two would make an excellent subject for a Reality TV show. Mike says nothing. Instead, he pops open a St. Pauli Girl and turns on the news hoping to kill Sheila’s idea with his silence. But when a producer rings their doorbell (the doorbell which he just installed last Tuesday) Mike has no choice but to sit through an endless interview. Confident that his scowl will put the kibosh to Sheila’s ambition of insinuating cameras into their life, Mike proceeds to play the role of a black hole. After the producer leaves, Sheila steps outside for some fresh air and notices vertical cracks in the foundation. That’s never a good sign.

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