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The Lady Who Loves Jewelry

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The Lady Who Loves Jewelry was on a date with a Gentleman. From afar it would seen that the two were hitting it off. The location, a veranda overlooking the river, was conducive to relaxed conversation and optimism. The lemonade pink cocktails with bright cherries swimming on the bottom of the frosted glasses completed the illusion of a memorable life event tipping towards perfect. The Lady Who Loves Jewelry could feel herself becoming a bit too animated as the alcohol, hijacking a fast ride with sugar, hit her bloodstream with a punch. She was trying to convey the wonder of finding a perfect black pearl necklace in the bottom of a forgotten cigar box at an estate sale but struggled to bring the thrill of the hunt alive to someone not steeped in the fine art of discovering a diamond in the rough. And while finding a suitable Gentlemen to date was becoming more difficult with the passing years, the Lady Who Loved Jewelry knew that if his eyes didn’t spark as she told her tale, if she couldn’t share with him her love of beautiful things, then their future was doomed.

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