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The building that houses the doctor’s office sits over the busy commuter train station. Every time a train pulls in or out, every time a train roars past, the floor shakes. Not just for a few seconds. Patients giving blood, hearing bad news, the enfeebled, the elderly are continually confused, wondering – is it me or the floor that’s shaking? A young couple, recent transplants from California, felt the 4:32 express barreling past and rushed to the door jambs while gripping the walls. That was a good one. The nurse and two receptionist continually mine the patients’ reactions for new sources of endless amusement. One of the receptionists was offered a new position at a law office up the street and away from the train station. She lasted all of two weeks at her new job. Missing the floor show, she begged the doctor to take her back, claiming that since leaving she has gained five pounds from sheer boredom.

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