Good Narrative Principles

Wise Choices


Molly’s Mom explains to her young daughter that learning music helps to organize the growing mind in ways that science is only now beginning to understand.  Molly, listening not only to the content of her mother’s words, but also to the gravity with which she says it, thinks the issue through thoroughly. Besides choosing one ice cream flavor over another at the corner Baskin and Robbins, Molly realizes that this is her first true foray into decision making. Over dinner, Molly announces that she would very much like to learn the harp. Her Mom instinctively shoots down her daughter’s choice, arguing that the harp is simply too big and cumbersome to fit into their apartment. “It’s the size of a four door sedan”, Mom continues, leaving Molly confused over the word “sedan”. Molly digs in. Now that her Mother disapproves of her choice, the harp becomes Molly’s fondest desire. She enlists the help of her fourth grade music teacher, who is flattered silly by the request.  The harp arrives the next Saturday and displaces both the living room sofa and flat screen TV arrangement. But when Molly sits down to play her first tune, the classic Hot Cross Buns, her Mom’s heart melts with a joy she didn’t know was there. (Photo: Joan Albert)

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