Good Narrative Principles

Perils of the Net


Looking back on it, she would characterize her life as happy, content. The water was cold, clear. Her family, cousins and friends all seemed to be thriving, multiplying. Though one or two had tragically lost a claw during a nasty fight or a run in with a pier, it is possible to live a satisfying and fulfilling life with the remaining one. And then one day the nets came. As matriarch of the clan, she went forward to investigate. From there her luck rolled rapidly downhill. Tumbling endlessly on a conveyor belt that went nowhere for what seemed like hours though it could be moments, she grew seasick while the boat crew tossed back a few brewskies. Next was the cool but confining pot. As it became hotter and hotter, her last thoughts were of her family – wishing that there were someway to convey to them the perils of the net.

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