Good Narrative Principles

Humble Beginnings


Despite his humble beginnings or maybe because of it, Frank has high aspirations. On the evening of his sixteenth birthday, he devised a game plan for his life and since then he’s tried hard to stay on track. First there was the challenge of tuition. His only asset was a bike. He used it to get him places – to the restaurant where he’d pick up the order and then to the customer who was eagerly awaiting dinner. During the day, until he saved enough money to cover the cost of a nine-month HVAC program, he worked as a bike messenger. Graduation was held six months into the Great Recession and so Frank resumed juggling two jobs hoping that lightning would strike. Finally it did. One of his now steady evening customers, a guy who is devoted to Tekka Donburi just the way his new restaurant serves it up, owns his own HVAC business. Thus far, Frank has had little luck striking up a conversation, but he’s confident that in time, maybe two three months from now, once they’ve broken the ice, the guy might be willing to look at Frank’s bare bones resume.

(Photo: Nick Duch)

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