Good Narrative Principles

Papa John


John Augustus Roebling, who one day would design the Brooklyn Bridge, his wife Johanna and their two sons Washington and Charles were in the country on an unseasonable hot early summer day. Escaping the noise and clatter of the burgeoning city, the family walked quietly, enveloped in the sounds, smells and sights of nature roaring to life with a vengeance. John, drawn to a still creek paralleling the path, spotted a family of bright green frogs, or could be toads, he wasn’t sure, gathered in the shallows by the foot of a simple beam bridge. Directing his two young sons across the bridge, he stopped in the middle and jumped once, then again. The little bridge shook and his sons, confused by their father’s seemingly care free behavior, held their tongue. “Feel this?” Father John asked and jumped again. “This is why my design for a suspension bridge is necessary”. He continued crossing the bridge, leaving his two sons and wife lost in the wake of his incomplete explanation.

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