Good Narrative Principles

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do


Nancy and Jerry weave through the dense crowd of commuters racing to catch their trains. Nancy, a few feet ahead, glances back to Jerry to make sure he’s still there. The last thing she can see clearly before her right contact lens floats off her iris is Jerry. His jaw muscles twitch. His lips are tight.  Blind without her contacts, Nancy directs Jerry over to a corner, hands him a mirror and begins poking and prying her right eye in the hopes that her missing contact lens will swim back in place. She apologizes for causing them to miss their train as she proceeds with this delicate operation but Jerry cuts her off. Tears fill his eyes as he speaks. It takes Nancy a few long moments to register that Jerry is in fact breaking up with her. He’s rattling on about meeting an older woman, one who seems to complete him in ways he can’t even begin to express when Nancy spots her blue lens nestled below the iris of her now blood shot right eye. Nancy understands at that moment that she needs to remain calm, otherwise she’ll lose both her contact lens and the love of her life.

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