Good Narrative Principles

Feels Like a Birthday


Bert and Ernie are walking along the canal when they’re seized by this great idea. A really big idea. An idea that would require a whole lot of money to realize. If they could find this money then their future would be secure. But no bank would lend them a red cent. After all, they’re puppets. Stumped, Ernie suggests they head to the Internet where dreams come true. Just look at the Zuck. He’s a billion-billionaire thanks to the Internet, Ernie reasons. Bert reluctantly agrees. They Google “dreams coming true” and stumble on Kickstarter and are wowed by the variety of projects that seem to be raking in the big bucks. We need a video, a kick-butt video (Ernie doesn’t like using the word ass). They set up their iPhone and begin, but are dissatisfied with the results. Instead, they spend their scant savings on a great video complete with titles, fades and dissolves. The first day — nothing. Not a word. Not a peep. Not a penny. Bert rails at the heavens, convinced that people are nothing but blind egos. But on day two they get twelve dollars. The friends are swept up in a delirium of possibilities. To Ernie, it feels just like his birthday.

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