Good Narrative Principles

Other Work


A Very Busy Day

Illustrated Children’s’ Book

Illustrator: Tim Duch

Two cousins spend an action packed day together.


Luck of the Draw

Dramatic short

A young woman tries devising a fail proof system to entrap “Lady Luck”.


Ena’s Adventures:  Part One

Dramatic Video Short

Co-Director/Writer: Kathy High

Genre: Historical Fantasy

Log Line: A photographer working for the WPA in the 1930’s, sees her subjects secret past through her camera.


Ena’s Adventures:  Part Two

Dramatic Video Short

Genre: Historical Fantasy

Log Line: Our plucky photographer falls in love with a tour guide in a ghost town who wants to start a utopian community.


Jump to the Curb

One Act Play

Log Line: Following the events on 9/11, co-workers, while drive cross country exchange life stories.

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