Good Narrative Principles

Risk Benefit Ratio


I should have gotten the name of the guy at curbside check in who took our bags. If they lose our luggage, if my red suitcase with the bright orange pom-poms tied to the handle, doesn’t appear on the carousel when we land in North Caicos, I’m screwed. We’re screwed. Luckily, I packed Allan’s medication in my handbag so that’s one less thing to worry about. And then we’ll have to spend a fortune buying new clothes, toothbrushes, the whole nine yards at the hotel. And rent flippers, snorkels. Guess that will be part of the whole nine yards. I won’t be able to replace my prescription goggles, so by the time I swim up close to fishes to get a better look, they’ll be gone.  And then, just as we’re leaving, my suitcase will arrive. So now I’ll have two suitcases because I’ll have had to buy an extra suitcase to accommodate all my super-pricey new clothes and what have you. I knew this vacation was a bad idea.

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