Good Narrative Principles

Smell the Roses


Jacked up on coffee and hope, Elise is the classic example of someone who forgets to stop and smell the roses — or in this case, the white pea-plant like flowers falling from the black locust carpeting the sidewalk. A full-sized Altoid tin rattles around in her coat pocket. Inside, wrapped in pink facial tissues, is a perfect hand carved replica of an Altoid mint made from chalk. Elise even captured the subtle dings and chips, the inevitable price of a fragile mint packed in tight with others of its kind. She carves one mint a day and can picture an installation of her mints and a stack of Altoids, free for the taking by the door of the gallery.  As she rushes to the train, she stops and buys a Lottery ticket and hopes that she hasn’t tipped the scales towards random luck and away from hard won gain.

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