Good Narrative Principles

New Everything


It all began around a kitchen table, where most good ideas are born. The Moms, fleeing the noon day sun at the brand new playground where the metal swings, slides and monkey bars seemed to radiate heat, are now camped out in Evie’s kitchen, smoking Kents and sipping lukewarm ice tea. The melting ice cubes are barely a memory. The kids are outside making a lemonade stand. Periodically they scamper back into the kitchen, swing open the refrigerator door decorated with a strip of Chiquita banana tags in search of more lemons. Skirting the issue of their daily fight with boredom, the Moms talk about the kids, the husbands, and the new everything that forms the backdrop of their lives. The appliances, the jazz soundtrack playing on the new hi-fi and the puppy dog plowing through a slice of watermelon. An idea forms then about organizing and supporting the school. We’ll be professionals, one Mom suggests. With a budget, Evie adds, and then offers to keep the books.

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