Good Narrative Principles



Over the years, Eddie has gravitated towards a life of absolute control. He hates alarm clocks and so his assistant Marie, a Julliard graduate, who majored in cello, plays Bach’s Suite No 5 in C Minor to wake him. Sure, it’s a bit downbeat, but once, five years ago, a great lick popped into his head fully formed, powering up his last hit. Then, naked as a blue jay, Eddie plunges into his Bikram studio, where his Yoga Instructor takes him through the paces. After showering, he deals with business until it’s time for his noonday nap. He likes to keep his meals light. Today, he heads to the studio hoping that lightning will strike. Lately, he’s been spending his time noodling on the piano, listening to the call of the birds, the moaning wind and when all else fails trying to beat his personal best in 3D Tetris.

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