Good Narrative Principles

Chasing Your Money


It’s called chasing your money, a strategy to win at the Black Jack table. It doesn’t involve counting cards or being a math wiz, instead for every dollar you lose, on the next round you double your bet. When you win, and at some point everyone wins at Black Jack, not only do you cover your losses but you’re ahead. There was a gleam in Henry’s eyes as he talked Starlee through it on the way into the “casino”. Miss Jackson, the physics professor handed them their chips. Mr. K. who taught Latin, was working the roulette table. To Starlee’s eye everyone looked a bit off-kilter, shinny and wide-eyed, like they were jacked up on triple macchiatos. And so she headed back to the dorm and cracked open a fifth of vodka, mixed it with cranberry juice. As she took her first sip she sighed, thinking, “now here is something I understand.”

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