Good Narrative Principles

Seeing Red


A flock of crows swoop past the Semi on Elliot’s first day at the Truck Driving Academy. He slams on the brakes. The student driver behind him plows into his rear and the lesson comes to a screeching halt. Looking back on it, Elliot realizes he should have put the truck in park and left without a second glance. Instead, despite the evil omen and the hairy glances from his instructors, Elliot persists, managing to get through the four-week program. During his road test, he’s feeling pretty cocky and doesn’t even grip the wheel “ten two” when a flatbed flies past him. Rattled, he freezes, foot pressing the gas pedal in lieu of the brakes for what seems like an eternity. And then thankfully he pulls over to the shoulder and stops. Hands the keys to the Tester and walks away. Crosses a field of weeds.  Happy to be alive.

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