Good Narrative Principles

Idiot Compassion


Lydia read somewhere that a being able to juggle two contradictory truths is a sure way to cultivate maturity and depth.  Endowed with an iron will and a zeal for freedom, Lydia is in the fortunate or unfortunate position of being able to follow through on her impulses regardless of how wacky or doctrinaire. This week for instance, in an attempt to juggle two contradictory truths, Lydia has declared a cease-fire with the roaches and water bugs reasoning that they have as much right to live as she does. Buddhists would call her action idiot compassion as she’s allowing the population of bugs to double, meaning once she comes to her senses, Lydia will have to exterminate twice as many bugs. But next week is devoted to Søren Kierkegaard and where he stands on the question of bugs and relative truths is anyone’s guess.

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