Good Narrative Principles

Bowl of Mush


Fresh ideas. Everyone is clamoring for the next thing. The turn of phrase, the new image that locks the eyeballs onto the screen. Samuel, ten years into his job, feels played out. Wrung dry. Avoiding the rest of his team, Samuel tucks his paddle under his arm and sneaks down to the basement where the guys in Shipping and Receiving have improvised a ping pong table. Samuel perfected the “slam the ball” style of playing back in college and can’t turn it off. The only player who can maintain a dependable volley is Jim, the guy who just quit smoking. The two play with a vengeance for ten minutes, the length of two Beyonce singles. Feeling a bit more connected, Samuel heads straight into his meeting where all his ideas are trimmed down to fit into the greater whole. The greater whole resembles a bowl of mush.

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