Good Narrative Principles

Week Three


There is this peculiar intersection of gut feelings that came on me this morning. First the dream that Nick was on his way finally to his job (first day as a line cook) and I’m doing the car do-se-do with him when this guy pulls up in a maroon American bankrupt car and starts quizzing Nick on whether or not he was at such and such a place. it seems that he is guilty of something far more sinister than brushing against another car and driving away. Now it’s like murder or something. I try and intervene but they grab Nick and drive him away.

I’m on the curb reciting the license plate number when the cops show up.

I wake up and have to remind myself that the world isn’t as mean and vengeful a place as I think it is, and then I open the  paper and read about illustrators being approached by  Google to submit their art for consideration on line free to download. Illustrators rightly took issue with their work being given away for free and that got me to thinking/worry about if this new revolution the idea of making money on your skill/art will cease being viable.

There has never been more music being made, more videos being produced and available but the model of making money at it, having a viable career is being maybe thrown on its head.

And while I’m at it I am painfully aware that I have two more weeks of not fretting about money before I have to rejoin the money race and again knock on unwelcoming doors.

So we walk in the woods and I pick up half-filled cans of Milwaukee’s  Best and Coors Light and Natural Ice.

I have great plans for writing today and it all falls flat like a gooey pancake that never sets up right.

And that’s what it’s like to be alive today racing to capture this thought before heading off to radiation.

Monday. Last day of week 3.EEK

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